The spirits of Mocali estate processed in Distilleria Nannoni, it’s a small distillery near Montalcino and so, is good for to distil occurs within 48 hours from the racking for to preserve intence fragrances.
The distiller work with a vapour plant, discontinous system and column at degree low.
The Grappa di Brunello is lively, with smell of apple and wild flowers. It’s full and soft in mouth. The Grappa di Brunello Riserva is ageing 18 months in oak, have scents of vanilla, is persistent, soft and delicate. The Grappa di moscadello is ageing 6 months in oak and is sweet because the Moscadello grapes are not fermentated. Brandy di Brunello ageing 10 months in oak, have scents of vanilla, is velvety and hot.

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